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Public Speaking, Political Commentary, Teaching, Consulting


Public Speaking, Political Commentary, Teaching, Consulting

Who is Dr. Wilmer Leon?

President and Adult Film Actress

Trump's deputy national security adviser resigns

Inside The Issues Host, Dr.Wilmer Leon, III discusses the President and the  $130,000 hush agreement Stormy Daniels claims to have been threatened by. 

US police shoot unarmed blackman  20 times

Trump says ex-aide Bannon "lost his mind"

Bannon and the President

Russia: Spying Scandal

Civility Worse with new POTUS

According to a new poll, Americans believe the overall level of civility between Democrats and Republicans in the capital has gotten worse.

US, S Korea conducting live-fire exercise in response

to N Korea: Official

The Debate: Las Vegas Attack

 Intl. policing NGO sorry for racial abuse in US 

Dr. Wilmer Leon Press TV

Douglas Blackmon and Dr. Wilmer Leon in St. Pete

Dr. Wilmer Leon and Douglas Blackmon author of Slavery by Another Name: The Re-Enslavement of Black Americans from the Civil War to World War II  discuss the birth of white supremacy, Douglas Blackmon elaborates on how white supremacy was used as a labor tool to convince poor whites that no matter how dire their situations they were still better than African Americans. 

Republicans Final Debate before Super Tuesday

UN group likens US police killings to Lynching

Sunga is the chairman of the UN Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent. He said racial bias and disparities in the U-S criminal justice system disproportionately affect African-Americans. Sunga added that black citizens are also subject to mass incarceration.

 The president of the International Association of Chiefs of Police says injustices have created mistrust between police and people of color in the United States. Terrence Cunningham has apologized for the mistreatment of the community. Cunningham also blamed US laws for what he called legalized discrimination by police officers against people of color.

Charleston shooting: terrorism faced by black America 

The deadly shooting at South Carolina’s historical Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church Wednesday night revived a long history of violence against African Americans in the US. As radio commentator Dr. Wilmer Leon says, the history goes back further than the 1960s Civil Rights Movement, which saw the rise of people like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Leon talks to Anya Parampil about the bigger history behind suspect Dylann Storm Roof’s violence and rage.


Trump accuses media of rigging presidential election 

Ryan Will not support Trump

US House Speaker, Paul Ryan has said he will not defend Republican Presidential Nominee, Donald Trump anymore. Ryan has been quoted as saying in a conference call with fellow lawmakers that he will keep a distance from Trump. A spokesperson for Ryan says this does not mean the House Speaker has revoked his Trump endorsement. 

Inside The Issues Host, Dr.Wilmer Leon, III  discusses NY Mayor Bill de Blasio being challenged at a fund raiser by memebers of Black Lives Matter

US Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has claimed that media are seeking to rig November’s election in favor of his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton. Trump’s allegations draw strong reaction from Clinton’s camp. Democratic presidential nominee’s campaign manager Robby Mook hits back at Trump and says the real estate mogul is making such claims because he’s afraid he's going to lose. 

Wooing Black Voters

The Muslim Band

CBC Endorses Hillary Clinton 

Dr. Wilmer Leon speaks out against the numerous Executive Orders Donal Trump has made, namely the Travel ban.

Inside The Issues Host, Dr.Wilmer Leon, III fills in for Roland Martin on News One Now. He 2016 Republican Debates, the importance of the Black vote and the lack of minority acknowledgment of minorities during the Republican Debates. SEG3

Inside The Issues Host, Dr.Wilmer Leon, III sits in as host of News One Now with Roland Martin. He and panelist discuss the reccomendations for reform made by Chicago's police reform. They also discuss how Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton try to "woo" black voters by speaking at the National Action News Conference. 

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