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Inside the Issues

Public Speaking, Political Commentary, Teaching, Consulting

Check out the latest clip of Dr. Wilmer Leon’s Inside The Issues!

Each week I along with my guests and members of my listening audience discuss
social, cultural, national, and international issues that impact the global village in which
we live.  This is live, call-in, talk radio. Audience participation is greatly appreciated
and encouraged.  Get your cup of coffee, your glass of juice or what ever you
like to drink on a Saturday morning at this time and lets dialog, listen and learn.

Urban View – CH. 126

Saturday @ 11 am E.S.T.
Saturday @ 8 pm E.S.T.
Sunday @ 6 am E.S.T.
Sunday @ 12 pm E.S.T.
Monday @ 2 am E.S.T.

Inside the Issues Is Dr. Wilmer Leon's very own talk show. Topics are relevant, interesting, and intellectual. Tune in and become involved!

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"Talk withouht anaylysis is just chatter"


Photo by Roy Lewis

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