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The Supreme Court is neutered. 

Republicans bigotry runs so deep that they would rather have a dysfunctional government than allow an African American President to effectively govern.  They have tried to mask their hatred as an ideological difference.

According to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) “we are 1 justice away from a liberal majority”. Even if that is true would that really be that bad? The most liberal Supreme Court by most measures was the Warren Court (1953 – 1969).  Chief Justice Earl Warren, former Republican Gov. of California was nominated by a Republican President, Dwight Eisenhower.  Warren was confirmed with a unanimous voice vote by a Democratic Senate.

The Warren court gave us the Brown case, Miranda Rights, applied the exclusionary rule protecting us against illegal search and seizure to state courts (Mapp v. Ohio); extended the right to counsel in all criminal cases (Gideon) and constructed the right to privacy (Griswold).

Since the “right to privacy” is not explicitly stated in the Constitution many Conservatives have questioned the Warren Courts “construction” of the right to privacy in the Griswold case.  The Warren Court constructed the right based upon protections provided in the First Amendment, Third, Fourth and Fifth Amendments.  Today, the right to privacy is at the crux of the argument being presented by those siding with Apple as it challenges the FBI’s request to unlock iPhones.  This is another example of the power of forward thinking by a “liberal” court.

Journalists need to ask McConnell why President Obama should not be allowed to appoint a Supreme Court Justice in the last year of his term if it was constitutionally permissible for President Reagan to appoint Anthony Kennedy during Reagan’s last year in office.  A Senate controlled by Democrats confirmed Kennedy with 97-0 vote.  It’s also interesting, if not hypocritical that McConnell and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) voted for Kennedy during Reagans last year.

Grassley has recently said, "The fact of the matter is that it’s been standard practice over the last 80 years to not confirm Supreme Court nominees during a presidential election year.”  Either Grassley has forgotten his vote for Kennedy in 1988, he can’t do simple math or he’s a hypocrite and a racist.

Why didn’t President Obama make a recess appointment to fill Scalia’s seat? Section II, Paragraph 2 of the Constitution also states, “The President shall have Power to fill up all Vacancies that may happen during the Recess of the Senate, by granting Commissions which shall expire at the End of their next Session.”  It’s understood that such a recess appointee to the Supreme Court holds office only until the end of the next Senate session, no President since Eisenhower has made one and they have become quite controversial. Despite times call for despite measures.  These are despite times!

According to The New York Times, once Senate leaders said, “… that there would be no confirmation hearings, no vote, not even a courtesy meeting with President Obama’s nominee to replace Justice Antonin Scalia, all but slamming shut any prospects for an election-year Supreme Court confirmation” President Obama should have taken charge, used his Constitutional authority, appointed an African American woman and forced their hand. Imagine the political optics behind that move.  That would have been the Machiavellian move. Instead, he wants to talk with leadership and try to find “common ground”. He’s bringing a pea shooter to gun fight.

At the end of the day this is really simple.  There’s no constitutional or historic support for the Republican misleadership’s position.  They are operating based upon their bigotry towards and hatred of America’s first African American President and mainstream American media is allowing them to get away with it (and so is Obama).

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Supreme Court Injustice cont.

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